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Club Minutes

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

President Charles Dempsey opened the meeting at 19:44
at the Montclair Round Table Pizza on Mountain Boulevard & Joaquin Miller Road.
Club secretary Geoffery Burnaford was absent and new member Lee Donehower was appointed temporary secretary to keep minutes for this meeting.

Minutes from the previous meeting in July were approved by the membership present.

President's Report:

Secretary's Report:

Treasurer's Report:

The treasurer reported that the club’s bank account currently totals $9,174.91 of which $2,760 is in the special account.

Old Business:

Dave gave an update on the current progress in setting up our 501c status.
He needs the names and addresses of all the club’s officers to help complete the government form.
Charles looked through the papers he had given Dave previously to find/point out the club’s incorporation date.
Next was a discussion on upgrading the electrical wiring at the clubhouse so that meetings could be held there in the future.
Points raised included the importance of doing so with city wiring codes in mind, the expense of doing it correctly,
and simply hiring an electrical contractor to apprise us of what would be needed and the cost involved.
The conversation then digressed into building owner’s insurance on the property versus renters’ insurance
for the club which likely would require an electrical inspection.
It digressed still further into the title to the property being handed over to the club in the future (by the end of the year?)
and ultimately the decision on insurance was tabled until such time as the club actually has title to the property.

New Business:
A question was raised about updating the club’s website. A discussion ensued about the club’s Yahoo! Group Page filling any gaps in the website. It was pointed out that the point of current media presence was more about attracting new members than serving current members… though that, too, was important. In lieu of the late hour, the conversation was tabled.

Rookie report:


Meeting adjourned at 2040 by President Dempsey.

Submitted by
Lee Donehower, Acting Secretary

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